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Norman Hamley

Norman Hamley has been playing music in bands since the age of 15. In the past 15 years he successfully established Malibu as a 5 piece Band/Duo in Townsville and then as a solo/duo/band in Bendigo. Playing strong lead/rhythm guitar, laying down great backing tracks and with versatile lead and harmony vocals, Norm is the backbone of the group. As a trained electronics and music engineer, Norm is also the 'techie' that always ensures that Malibu Groove's sound and presentation is at the highest level.

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Tracey Johnstone

Tracey Johnstone has always wanted to be a performer and has been doing it in the shower for years! She now has come out onto the stage with Malibu Groove to show off her singing and dancing talents. Whether she is blending in a harmony or singing lead vocal, Tracey is a spunky girl who loves nothing better than to vibe off the crowd and get in with them to have a great time.

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Lizzy Critcher

Lizzy Critcher has been best of friends with Tracy over the past 10 years. They are just so natural singing, dancing and performing together. Lizzy has an excellent vocal range; she can nail those show stopper songs with an outstanding high and pure voice that many would kill for. Lizzy provides Malibu Groove the ability to have an even more extensive song list.

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